Jamb 2013 biology

1. Proboscis is a structure that is mostly found in


2. Which of the following is the simplest living organism


3. Which of the following distinguishes a butterfly from a moth?


4. Plants that have special devices for trapping and digesting insects are


5. The plant that grow in deserts or very dry areas are referred to as


6. The process in which complex substances are broken down into simpler ones is referred to as


7. The organism is found in soils rich in


8. The enzyme that is present in the saliva is


9. During the manufacture of food by plants, which of the following organisms use energy from the sun?


10. Which of the following describes a characteristic of anthropods?


11. The long and sharp clawed feet of birds is an adaptation for


12. The organelles present in cells that are actively respiring and photosynthesizing are


13. Which of the following types of feathers is used for flight in birds?


14. The structure labelled II is the



15. Question Paper Type: B

Which Question Paper Type of Biology is given to you?


16. Taenia solium can be found in


17. The organ which is sensitive to light in Euglena is the


18. The process of transforming the chemical energy of cellular fuels into high energy bonds of ATP in plants is


19. The structural adaptation of desert plants for water conservation is


20. Movement of minerals and chemical compounds within a plant occurs during


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