Physics 2015 (Jamb)

Physics 2015 (Jamb)
This is a timed test with 46 questions.
You will receive 2 points per correct answer.
You have 55 minutes to complete this test.

1. A block of aluminum of mass m is heated electrically by 25W heater. if the temperature rises by 10oC in 5 minutes. Calculate the heat capacity of the aluminum.


2. A satellite revolving around the earth is kept on its orbit by


3. If a document is to be produced using a duplicating camera, where should the camera be placed in order to obtain an exact copy?


4. A current of 20A flows through a cable whose resistance is 5Ω. Calculate the electric power dissipated


5. When a capacitor is charged to 20C on each plate the energy stored by it is 40J, at what charge will it store half of this energy?



In the diagram below, the charges on X and Y are opposite. What happens when they are in contact?
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7. I. Thermometer must be kept vertical
II. Top of the mercury meniscus is read
III. Air use must be dry
Which of the following precautions are common in verification of Boyle’s law, Charles’ law and pressure law?


8. The plates of 0.5 ufμF uncharged capacitor are connected to a 10V battery. The charge on the capacitor after a long time is


9. Calculate the inductance of a coil of resistance 30 connected to a 100V a.c source, if the coil draws an r.m.s current of 2


10. What force has to be exerted on a mass 60kg to give it an acceleration of 10ms-2 vertically upwards? [g =10ms-2]


11. In the diagram below, the direction of the force between N and S in the magnetic field is

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12. Calculate the temperature of 6 moles of an ideal gas at a pressure of 7.6 x 106Nm-2 with a volume of 10-3 m3. [R = 8.3jmol-1K-1]



From the diagram below, the equivalent capacitance of the three capacitors is
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14. A satellite moves in a circular orbit of radius 4R round the earth. The acceleration of the satellite in terms of g is


15. Calculate the temperature of 6 moles of an ideal gas at a pressure of 7.6 x 106Nm-2 with a volume of 10-3 m3. [R = 8.3jmol-1K-1]


16. Which of the following statements is not trus about atoms?


17. A piece of cork floats in water because


18. What are the charge carriers in semiconductors?


19. If the speed of light in water is 2.26 x 108ms-1 and the velocity of light in air is 3.0 x 108ms-1. Calculate the refractive index of water


20. The efficiency of a machine is 70%. Calculate the work done using this machine to raise a load of 10kg through a vertical height of 2.0m. [g = 10ms<small-2< small=””></small-2<>]


21. Which of the following does NOT use magnetic effect of current to function?


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