Government 2014 (Jamb)

1. The body that is responsible for the appointment, discipline, promotion and dismissal of civil servants is the


2. The main objective of pressure groups is to


3. The process of taking part in political and public affairs can be termed political


4. In a democratic political system, the political sovereign is usually the


5. The development of a classless society is the goal of


6. Which of the following is a feature of checks and balances


7. Which of the following is not a dimension of public opinion


8. Membership of a society is


9. Laws made by military government at the state level are called


10. The officer responsible for announcing the result of an election is known as


11. An example of a country ruled by a constitutional mornach is


12. The court that has ultimate power to interpret the constitution is the


13. One basic feature of a monarchical form of government is that



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15. One main advantage of bicameral legislature is that it


16. Citizenship is acquired by an alien through


17. Unitary system of government is more suitable for a country


18. A flexible constitution is one which is


19. The ultimate aim of political parties is to


20. The necessary attributes of a state are


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