Economics 2013 (Jamb)

Economics 2013 (Jamb)
This is a timed test with 50 questions.
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1. If P=1/4 (Qs + 10), what is the quantity supplied at N14


2. One of the major factors that brings about changes in supply is


3. One of the assumptions of the cardinalist approach is



From the graph below , the price elasticity of demand is
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From the indifference curve below, a consumer will prefer combination
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6. In Nigeria, government can reduce the cost of accommodation by fixing rent


7. If the standard deviation of a given data is 53, what is the variance?


8. If the price of a bicycle changes from ₦120 to ₦80 and the quantity bought changes from 300 to 500 units, the elasticity of demand for bicycle is


9. Utility is the satisfaction derived from the


10. If the supply of a product is elastic, a small reduction in price will


11. One of the criticisms of the price mechanism is that



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Which Question Type of Economics is given to you?

13. The supply of beverages by firms in a monopolistic market is an example of


14. Which of the following set of statistical tools is used for further economic analysis?


15. An increase in the price of a commodity will result in


16. An advantage of the range as a measure of dispersion is that, it


17. Find the median of the following set of data 35, 10, 14, 38, 15, 18, 22, 30 and 28


18. An increase in demand without a corresponding change in supply will lead to


19. An economy in which both the public and private sectors contribute to economic growth is as


20. If the price of a commodity is fixed below equilibrium, this will lead to


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