The April 2019 Membership and Fellowship Examination of the West African College of Physicians (WACP), will be held simultaneously at the National Hospital Abuja (NHA), Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Accra, Ghana (KBTH) and University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan Nigeria from 3rd to 9th April 2019. THE PRIMARY EXAMINATION WILL HOLD IN SEVEN CENTRES ON FRIDAY 5TH APRIL,2019 AT: University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, National Orthopedic Hospital (NOH) Main Hall, Enugu, Ahmadu Bello University Centre at Twin Lecture Theaters, ABUTH Shika, Zaria, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), UGM Examination Hall, Accra, Ghana, Connaught Teaching Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone, Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) Banjul, The Gambia and A.M Dogliotti College of Medicine Auditorium, Monrovia Liberia Applicants are advised to indicate their choice of examination centre while processing the online registration platform.

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  • Candidates applying to sit for the Primary Fellowship Examinations must be Medical Practitioners who are FULLY registered in Côte D’Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone,  Republic of Benin, Mali, Togo, Senegal and Burkina-Faso. Candidates must register and pay ONLINE by logging on to where candidate’s passport photograph, degree certificate and evidence of Full Registration with Medical and Dental Council of their countries will be uploaded.  Also, candidates are to print the certification page from the website to be endorsed by the supervising consultant or HOD and UPLOAD the signed certification page along with the other required documents online.  Candidates are advised to carefully populate appropriate fields meant for surname and other names.  Any error that arises from this may lead to candidate’s disqualification.    
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  • To register for examinations on this portal for primary exam, you need to have scanned and saved some or all the following documents where applicable:
  1. Basic Medical Degree Certificate, e.g MBBS, MB ChB,BDS,etc
  2. Certificate for Professional and University qualifications
  3. Certificate for full Registration with Medical and Dental Council
  4. Signed Certification
  • Candidates applying to sit for Membership and Fellowship examination should register and pay ONLINE by logging on to where required, documents are to be uploaded.   

  1. Membership Examination MWACP candidates must have passed the Primary Examination of the West African College of Physicians or its equivalent and subsequently satisfactorily completed two years of residency training programme  as prescribed by the relevant Faculty.
  1. Candidates are advised to print the Membership and Fellowship Application Form (FORM C.) to be filled and endorsed by candidate, HOD and Fellows accordingly and upload signed Form C page along with your required documents online Required documents are: 

  1. Evidence of passed primary examination.
  2. Evidence of Registration as a Trainee with WACP.
  3. Certificate of training,
  4. Exemption Letter,
  5. Medical Ethic Course certificate,
  6. Revision/Update course certificate.
    Note: Hard copies of the Log book, Autopsy book must be sent to the College Secretariat by a reliable courier services. Candidate must have registered for Physician in training immediately on passing Primary and on entering into a training programme in an accredited institution.
  • Fellowship Examination candidates must have passed the Membership Examination of WACP and satisfactorily completed the appropriate years of training in an accredited institution. Hard copies of candidates� Case book, Dissertation, approved proposal ALL must be saved differently in CD SONY REWRITABLE all must be sent through a reliable courier service to the College secretariat. Evidence of attendance of Methodology Course must also be uploaded through the online process.. Further details are available in the Prospectus of the College. The College Prospectus is available for sale at the College Secretariat.    
  •  Copy of evidence of subspecialty registration ,(N146,300), must be uploaded.
  • Evidence of payment of Membership Fees N102,600.00
  • Evidence of payment of Annual dues for Members N30,400.00 (College GTB Account number 0000528491).
  •   Certificate of evidence of attendance of College Sub-specialty Revision course MUST accompany candidate’s application forms.
1.         Primary Examination fee                    –         N125,500.00
2.         Membership fee                                 –           N163,500.00
3.         Fellowship fee                                     –            N239,500.00              –          
4.         Sub-specialty fee                                 –           N315,500.00

Additional Practical Examination Fee of N32,300 is payable by Membership and Fellowship candidates in Laboratory Medicine, and Membership candidates in Community Health. THIS IS PAYABLE VIA 0NLINE REGISTRATION ALONG WITH THE APPLICATION FORM OTHERWISE THE APPLICATION STANDS DISQUALIFIED. Assessor’s fee for Fellowship candidates’ Case Book/Dissertation fee is N47,500 and must be paid via online.  Four copies of Dissertation and or Case books must be SUBMITTED along with two copies of the approved proposals. All to be saved inside CD rewritable. Candidates should collect their corrected dissertations or casebooks and examiner’s comments immediately after the examination.
All examinations fees are payable electronically.  CANDIDATES APPLYING FOR PRIMARY, MEMBERSHIP AND FELLOWSHIP EXAMINATIONS SHOULD LOGON TO and follow the step by step procedure for online registration which could be printed as evidence of payment.   BANK DRAFTS AND TELLER ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE FOR EXAMINATION APPLICATION.
NOTE:  NO REFUND WILL BE ENTERTAINED FOR NON ATTENDANCE AT EXAMINATIONS. Applicants for Accra Centre should pay through Western Union or MoneyGram Money Transfer and call Mr. Okletey on +233275091659 and Mr. Vincent on +233246153624.

  1. Attendance of Mandatory Course in Medical Ethics and Revision/Update courses of the College are prerequisites for sitting Membership Examinations. Anticipated attendance/submission of certificates are not accepted. Candidates for the Membership or Fellowship Examinations will be expected to submit a photocopy of their completed Log books. The original should be brought to the examination hall. Two (2) Hard copies of Autopsy books are mandatory for all Membership candidates in Laboratory Medicine.
  2. Submitting altered, falsified or incomplete documents to the West African College of Physicians may be a sufficient cause for the College to ban you from an examination, to terminate your participation in an examination, to withhold and/or invalidate the results of an examination, to withhold award of the Fellowship of the College, to withhold a certificate, to revoke a certificate, or to take other appropriate action. WACP will report findings of irregular behavior to the Medical & Dental Council of the Country where the candidate practices, to other Postgraduate Medical Colleges in the West African Region and to any other organization or individual who, in the judgement of the WACP, has a legitimate interest in such information.
  3. Code of conduct including dress code for the candidates shall be strictly enforced. The College has zero-tolerance policy to examination malpractices.
  4. Change of Examination Centre after submission of application form shall no longer be entertained.
  5. Cases of request for change of faculty after submission of application form shall NOT BE ENTERTAINED
  6. Physically challenged applicants are advised are advised to apply to the Secretary General stating their willingness to sit the examination to be considered along with the uploaded application form.
Candidates in the THIRD Trimester of pregnancy OR in the EARLY Postnatal Period may Not apply. Note: For Membership examinations in all faculties of the West African College of Physicians, only candidates who have performed satisfactorily in the theory papers would be allowed to proceed with the rest of the examinations.
The closing date for the submission of completed application forms is Monday 31st December 2018. Candidates for the Fellowship Examination must have submitted their dissertation and approved dissertation or case books by the closing date. Lateness in submission will not be entertained.
PENALTY FOR THE LATE SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION FORMS IS N76, 000.00 for one week and N152,000.00  THEREAFTER for the second week.
 All COMPLETED Application forms must be submitted with:
  1. Certificate of FULL registration with the Medical Council of the country (for Primary candidates alone).
  2. Photocopy of MBBS Certificate (primary candidates only).
  3. Relevant certificates and a copy of completed Log Book and two (2) Autopsy for Lab Medicine candidates.
  4. Evidence of training since passing Primary and Membership Examinations.
  5. Original copy of Certificate of training.
  6. All Fellowship candidates should upload:
  • Evidence of payment of Membership Fees N102,600.00
  • Evidence of payment of Annual dues for Members N30,400.00 (College GTB Account number 0000528491).
It is optional for all Laboratory Medicine Membership candidates to use personal microscopes as may be required.

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If you are in Benin City you can visit shop A14 UBTH Shopping Complex for assistance in the online application

or call Ekene on 09093650089 for more details.

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